» Manufacturers of feed additives for animals


Vetagro (Italy)
World leader in microencapsulation
Patent Сo. (Serbia)
Global player in feed additives, focused on Mycotoxicosis and Gut Health problems
Mixscience (France)
Innovator for nutrition and animal production
Jefo (Canada)
Producer of cost effective solutions for livestock animals
Feed additives producer Arm & Hammer (USA)
Solving transition period problems of dairy herd
Zinpro (USA)
Pioneer in the research and development of performance trace minerals and innovative solutions
Neolait (France)
French leader in mineral and dietary supplements
Feed Consult in-house premixes (RF)
Producer of feed additives for cattle
Nor-Feed (France)
French leader in mineral feed and nutritional supplements
Idena (France)
Modern feed supplements to maintain animal health
Manufacturers of animal feed additives BELFEED (Belgium)
Belgian experts in fermentation technologies
Feed additives producer Herbavita (Belgium)
“Green” supplements to optimize performance of animals
Manufacturer of feed additives Global Nutrition (France)
GIT support and water pH reduction for pigs and poultry
JELU-WERK (Germany)
Internationally renowned manufacturer of products made from plant fibres
Nagel (Germany)
Highly innovative monoglyceride concepts for all animal species