About Us

FEED CONSULT is an exclusive distributor of feed additives for livestock animals.

Starting from one office and three partners in 2010, at the moment the company has 4 offices in Russia and 1 office in Belarus, more than 10 partners in Europe and USA, more than 20 livestock specialists, more than 30 sales representatives and 6 warehouses in Russia.

Feed Consult deals with such feed additives as amino acids, acidulants, enzymes, hepatoprotective agents, mycotoxin binders, vitamin-mineral premixes, additives for treatment and prevention of diseases. Our specialists help to find the best solutions for increase in herd productivity, improvement in animal living standards and decrease of expenses in livestock management.

Our clients get comprehensive experienced support at all stages of the process. What is more, Feed Consult conducts regular trainings for clients’ specialists both at their farms and at the enterprises of our partners abroad.

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